The Secur-Flo automatic farm nozzle is designed for use with 12 volt or 110 volt pumps for refueling off the road equipment and farm implements.  Manufactured for durability and reliability, this product will provide many hours of safe, efficient service.



  • Automatic shut off
  • Special check valve reduces pressure drop improving life expectancy of pumping units
  • Both 1″ NPT and 3/4″ NPT available in N/L and Lead (diesel)
  • Standard-curved spout
  • Straight spouts available upon request
  • Spout hooks available upon request




  • Full scuff guard provided for added protection
  • Easy to use yet reliable
  • 1″ NPT size is designed for heavy duty usage and higher flow rates
  • 3/4″ NPT size is light weight, easier to use
  • Spout assembly easily replaced



Replacement Spout Assemblies:

  • 1″ 1ANLSF  N/L
  • 1″ 1ALSF  Lead (for diesel fuel)
  • ¾” CNLSF N/L
  • ¾” CLSF  Lead (for diesel fuel)

Replacement Scuff Guards:

  • 1″ C071xx
  • ¾” CFCxx
  • To denote color of cover add color code (xx)
  • i.e.  C071BK denotes a black cover.




  • Body is aluminum sandcast
  • Disc and seals are Viton and Nitrile
  • 1″ handguard is Super-Tuff Glass Filled Nylon
  • 3/4″ inlet has a nylon handguard
  • Unleaded Spout Assembly 13/16″ OD
  • Lead (diesel) Spout Assembly 15/16″ OD

This nozzle cannot be used for gravity feed tanks and is not legal for retail dispensing.




  • 1″ N1ALF Secur-Flo Lead Farm
  • 1″ N1ANLF Secur-Flo N/L Farm
  • 3/4″ NELF Secur-Flo Lead Farm
  • 3/4″ NENLF Secur-Flo N/L Farm


  • 1″ R1ALF Secur-Flo Lead Farm
  • 1″ R1ANLF Secur-Flo N/L Farm
  • 3/4″ RELF Secur-Flo Lead Farm
  • 3/4″ RENLF Secur-Flo N/L Farm